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Designer Seung Gun Park launched the Korean fashion brand pushBUTTON in 2003 with supposedly no previous fashion training. Impressed yet?
He has been compared to Jeremy Scott , and while I wouldn’t go as far as to say that ( plus I think Ha Sang Baek is much worthier of that comparison) I do like what I have seen from this label so far. His Spring 2011 collection shows how the brand is maturing from previous seasons. I’m not usually into maturity when it comes to fashion brands that originally caught your eye by being playful and silly, but in order for pushBUTTON to gain international credibility as a top Korean brand it is necessary.
Seung Gun Park has managed to hit every spring trend nail on the head with his collection( according to Harpers Bazaar). Eclectic Chic CHECK! ( see: his new spin on the classic collared blouse) Bold Colors CHECK! ( see: the eye catching green print) Printed Matter CHECK! ( see: orange/black plaid and green leafy print) Pajama Dressing CHECK!( see: well, practically the entire collection) Minimal White CHECK! (see: you get the idea) pushBUTTON is definitely one to look out for in the seasons to come.
Check out the rest of the pushBUTTON spring 2011 collection HERE!

pushBUTTON will be showing at Seoul Fashion Week on 3.30(Wed.) at 3:00 as part if the Fashion Take-Off portion of SFW. The show will be at the Kring building on the 2nd floor.

You can buy pieces from the spring 2011 collection of pushBUTTON at Boy+Supermarket in Apgujeong Rodeo

To see some of his past work click HERE!
and HERE! This one also has an interview with the designer^^


Outfit breakdown:
Orange sweater- Untage
B&W spatter shirt – vintage
Grey bodycon dress – American Apparel
Black bow belt – vintage
Stockings – no brand
Shoes – Supermarket


I know, I know … I’m cheating on banana milk with strawberry milk DON’T HATE ME>< It just went better with the makoli^^
On to the outfit….
I got this shirt about a month ago at the Dongmyo flea market for practically nothing. I was so excited, it was every bit as 80's printed, oversized, and shoulder-padded as one can hope for from a vintage market dig. Until yesterday I couldn't work it in to any outfit. FINALLY! In the end I just threw it over a tight dress, wrapped a moderately skinny belt around my waist, put on some warm stuff and called it a day!

Tip: Dongmyo flea market is located at Dongmyo station. Opens after 2 pm. Be prepared to dig!

Tip: Keep an eye out for little stands that sell tights and socks around the busy areas of the city. They have really cute styles and they are cheap enough to not feel gutted if you get a run in them! I recommend the one near A Land in Myeongdong and the one near Giordanos in Gangnam.



Now that I have managed to get another iPhone, not only are my friends rejoicing because they can ACTUALLY contact me now but I can finally get started in the street fashion section. I will be compiling shots of fashionable people I spot around Seoul and will be posting them weekly. In the meantime though, I will blog the occasional “Cory’s street style” shot. Hopefully they will give you an idea of how trends in Korean fashion can be interpreted, where to buy each piece or at least where to find something similar! Plus, I would love to hear some feedback^^

Outfit breadown:
Black oversized pompom hooded sweatshirt – handmade
Mohair tube scarf – unknown
Orange cardigan – Untage
Black&white striped tank – H&M
Nylon tricot lapis blue leggings – American Apparel
Mustard colored socks – unknown
Studded black platforms – Supermarket
Bag – H&M

It’s been cold lately in Seoul despite a a tease here and there of Spring weather so I was glad to have this cardigan to keep warm. I modeled for the S/S 11 lookbook for a Korean brand called Untage a couple weeks ago. They specialize in outerwear, t-shirt and leather accessories. Anyways, the designer let me pick a piece I wanted to have and I immediately knew it was going to be this orange sweater. Orange is a huge trend for spring and I had NOTHING orangeㅠㅠ The cardigan was delivered to me yesterday along with the cute socks we used in the shoot ( that’s where the mustard socks came from). To check out the brand click HERE . The designer told me they were still updating the lookbook so check back if you want to see my pics^^.
I made this hoodie just before I went to Tokyo because I was sick of all my other jackets ( see: THIS!) and I knew it was going to be chilly there.
The shoes are from Supermarket a shop with a couple locations around Seoul. There are 2 Apgujeong Rodeo locations, one is small but has tons of great shoes and the other is Boy + Supermarket which we posted about awhile back..this place is a must-go!! There is also a Supermarket in Myeongdong. 한번 꼭 가보세용!