Yesterday, as I went into the girls bathroom at a local coffee shop I stepped in some spit and had a thought..

Let me rewind a bit shall I?

If you are ever in Korea you will quickly notice that Korean girls are well mannered, polite, and will adamantly advise you against using “욕” (Korean curse words), even though I do have a few Korean girl friends that have a dirtier mouth than me. Little do most people (especially guys) know this quickly changes when entering the door of a girl’s bathroom.

The girls bathroom in Korea is more than just a bathroom, it is like a sanctuary where Korean girls can stop being cute and ladylike and just be themselves, sometimes a little TOO much. Generally in bathrooms in America and Europe you can pretty much guarantee the girls bathroom will be relatively clean and the guys will be DISGUSTING. This is totally reversed here. For example, just step into the girls bathroom at the club…this is the most extreme example… and its will be packed with girls smoking, cursing like sailors, staring at themselves in the mirror and/or taking self pics with their phone, but the floors are covered in spit, usually flooded, and maybe a vomit here and there. I often find myself using the guy’s side in the public toilets. It is seriously THAT nasty.

I’m not saying of course that this stuff does not take place elsewhere…of course it does, but not quite so secretively. I think generally if a girl were going to do that stuff in the bathroom, like smoking, swearing, spitting, they would easily do in front of guys too.

On the other hand something that you will notice RIGHT away when first coming to Korea is that girls are very open about looking at themselves in the mirror in public, sometimes even for excruciating amounts time, and doing a self photo shoot with a phone in a coffee shop, something you would rarely see in western countries, is a daily occurrence in Korea. We might slip an under the table teeth check during dinner or a quick walk by mirror glance to make sure everything is in check but we really don’t want to get caught doing so. Not the case here, just last week I watched a girl in a coffee shop with her boyfriend openly pick at/ suck her teeth in a mirror for a good 30 minutes while her boyfriend just sat there..unphased.

Do I disapprove of the bathroom behavior??? Well yeah, kinda. I mean I am usually the one that ends up stepping in all the spit and having to inhale the concentrated amounts of smoke. But when it comes to the freedom of vanity, it is quite liberating to be able to openly check to see if all your makeup is in place or if you are rockin’ one of the infamous red flecks of something or other in your teeth without worrying about getting judged by, well, ANYONE. I also bet that all the misuda girls can verify that we take full advantage of this when we are in Korea. Am I right??!?

So what should you take from this? Hmmmm… watch where you step in the girls bathroom, and if you feel like you have something on your face…go on, take a look, take as long as you need. Mirror freedom .FREEDOM!